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Latino Summit 2018 | Cumbre Latina 2018

The Delaware Hispanic Commission will dedicate its upcoming summit to encouraging empowerment through action among Latinos of all walks of life. The Fourth Annual Delaware Latino Summit, scheduled for 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Tuesday, October 30 will unite elected officials, state agency and community leaders, and for-profit executives with the goal of engaging [...]

$tand By Me Negocios apoya el desarrollo comercial latino en Delaware

Read the release in English here. $tand By Me lanzará un nuevo programa en enero de 2018 para apoyar la puesta en marcha y el desarrollo de pequeñas empresas hispanas en Delaware. Como parte del lanzamiento, durante la primera mitad de 2018, $tand By Me Negocios realizará una serie de encuentros de "networking" en los [...]

Urgent need exists for Delaware to update its public school funding system

See bottom of the page for downloadable PDF files in English and Spanish. Delaware’s English learner students, the state’s fastest-growing student demographic, are primarily native-born Americans, highly concentrated in Sussex County, and speak nearly 100 native languages, according to a new series of fact sheets launched by the Delaware Hispanic Commission, the [...]

¿Quiénes son los estudiantes . . .?

Los Estudiantes de Inglés (EI) son un grupo diverso de estudiantes que representan numerosos idiomas, culturas, grupos étnicos, nacionalidades y contextos sociales, económicos y educativos. Lea más

New questions and answers about DACA

The National Immigration Law Center has created the following Q-and-A about DACA. Many of us are concerned about what could happen to the DACA program—and to DACA recipients—under President Trump’s administration.[1] During his campaign, Trump said that he intends to end the DACA program. But since the election, he has not said exactly if, when, or [...]

Business education available to entrepreneurs

The Delaware Hispanic Commission, in partnership with First State Community Loan Fund is, pleased to bring to you the Hispanic Business Development Program.The Hispanic Business Development Program, part of the First State Community Loan Fund, that was designed to address the needs of Delaware’s Hispanic business. First State Community Loan Fund (CLF) is a not-for-profit, [...]

Health & Social Services Committee Cultural and Linguistic Services Assessment

In order to better understand the needs of Delaware’s diverse populations to be able to leverage services to promote equity and healthy communities, The Delaware Hispanic Commission sponsored an assessment of the present state of language and cultural services across the state. The Commission believes that a more systemic approach to these issues increases the [...]